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What makes Troy Cuts different from other barber shop is their attention to the customer. Troy’s barbers know that many times people come in to the barber shop without a clear vision of what they want. What Troy’s barbers do is take the customers explanation and add their skills and years of experience to find a way to deliver what the customer came into the shop for.

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About Us

Each Barber brings a separate energy to their haircuts. At Troy Cuts, we aim to refine each barbers passion through additional processional training. This creates an atmosphere where each barber, as certified professionals, are artists. At Troy Cuts our barbers can flourish as artists, much to the benefit to you our customer.


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About Us
  • Blessed to find this place! Troy and his team rock!

    Daniel Meek Facebook Review
  • Fast & friendly staff

    Ian McLeod Google Review
  • Great atmosphere and welcoming. Not to mention a great cut. Found my new barber. Be sure to meet the owner, Troy.  

    David McIntosh Google Review

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  • Troy Butler
    Troy Butler Owner - Lewsville Location
  • Dracko Henry
    Dracko Henry BARBER
  • Red Pitts
    Red Pitts BARBER

What makes a good haircut

About Us
 Getting a haircut can sometimes be a less than positive experience. Our expert barbers can put an end to haircut trial and error. Our barbers will help to relieve any feelings of anxiety you may feel from going to a barbershop. Here are three ingredients our barbers work to emulate when giving you a haircut.


Not every Barber has passion. At Troy Cuts, we understand that passion is what allows a barber to be able to spend time on getting a haircut right, and caring for a customers need. Without passion, a barber will not be able to provide the service that you the customer deserves.


We’ve learned through our combined experience that a Barber’s Patience is developed. Other shops may rush through your haircut, sacrificing quality for quantity. We at Troy Cut’s know that all hair is unique. Troy’s Barbers will take their time to not only get to know your hair, but to know you as well.


The Troy Cuts staff combine 70+ years of experience into their shops. This is in addition to all being board certified barbers.This is why you can trust Troy’s barbers with your hair. Welcome to the family.

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